Friday, July 17, 2020

Ways to reduce air pollution in cities 5 tips

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Nowadays, anytime outside the house whether, If we check the level of ways to reduce air pollution in cities,
Then as an average we will get a figure near about 300 which is at the danger level and we know what problem we are facing with pollution but instead of doing something.
ways to reduce air pollution in cities

Why we blame the Government?

The government is doing what it is doing but the question is how much we are doing this content, in solving this problem how to stop air pollution.
There was a time when we used to get traffic on certain period of time but any time you leave today, there is traffic jam everywhere.

I want to say 5 tips

If we follow them, then we can easily reduce the level of traffic and ways to stop air pollution.
No. 1 Most important we must introduce bicycle in our lifestyle if we want to reduce the pollution level my last video was based on this topic on how we can add cycling to our routine.

No. 2 parents also have to understand that they are giving motorbikes & scooters to their children’s persistence. They probably doesn’t know how their children keep stunts on motorbikes & scooters outside of school, college and institute don’t know who tries to impress.

So if your children are studying then convince them to take bicycles, tell them how bicycle is perfect for keeping their physics fit instead of motorbike & scooter. If you have extra money, then invest it in the right place. And please exclude a fictional story from your mind that bicycle is only for small minded people.
Nowadays bicycle is becoming status symbol like the Iphone, so please wake up & smell the coffee.

No. 3 with your mind also excludes the fable that public transport is only made for poor The government is doing its best to promote public transport, whether it is metro, ac buses or e-rickshaw but we also have to help the government by using them ways to stop air pollution.
So please start using them by putting your ego in the house with a car and a motorbike, which will save your money and also our environment.

No. 4 whether every person is doing a study or a job is his own friend circle So everyone has to convince his friend that he would replace his mode of transport with a bicycle, for his personal use whether to go to the market, go to the gym or to hang out with friends.

Nowadays friends have also been misinterpreted that a person takes a scooter or motorbike and simultaneously convince his friends to take it too, whereby we could hand out together
Guys, it is also a reason that the counting of two wheelers is increasing nowadays because everyone wants to hang out on their personal vehicle that’s ways to reduce air pollution in cities.

So guys, rather than spreading your wrong thoughts to friends convince them to buy bicycle. That all of them can contribute in saving their physic, saving their money & our environment.

No. 5 I don’t know about further but at least until the 10th class economics has all been and in it we have been taught that if anything is to reduce the price, then decrease its demand.
So guys, regardless of what the government is trying on its behalf but if we want to reduce the price of fuel then its intake will also be reduced.
So it’s my request to ways to reduce air pollution in citiesin your routine, because if this continues, then the fuel price will be increased along with traffic on the road ahead And the time is not far away when you have to think 10 times before using your vehicle.

Guys this is the right time to save your money, save fuel, save environment by introducing cycling in your lifestyle. So guys these were my 5 tips, if we have to save our city from ways to reduce air pollution in cities and traffic, then we have to try ourselves to make changes in our daily routine.

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