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Flora fauna meaning and classifications

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We call it our home in the universe flora fauna meaning. but we are not alone here. We share analysis of flora and fauna. Our home with millions of species of plants and animals. Ranging from gigantic blue whales to microscopic bacteria plants trees. Animals and microorganisms maintain the quality of our planet's.

What Are Flora And Fauna?

Air water and soil which is essential for the survival of humans forests. Also play an important part as the primary producers on which all the species of animals. the variety of living things found in a region country or the entire earth is call. Its biological diversity or biodiversity.
Here is a picture showing the biodiversity of a coral reef. We do not live in isolation from plants and animals. Around us various species that form the biodiversity of a region. Interdependent on each other all the species of plants and trees found. In region are call the flora. The region the species of animals found in a region are call the fauna. India has a rich biodiversity flora fauna meaning. home to around 1.6 million or 8% of all the species flora and fauna of India.

Flora Definition

The word flora means the plant life characterizing a specific geographic. Region or environment any living organism that synthesizes. Its food from inorganic substances possesses cellulose cell walls flora and fauna of prairies. Responds and often permanent to a stimulus lacks specialized. Sense organs and nervous system and has no powers of locomotion. Work systematical describing the flora of a particular region. Listed by species and considered as a whole a living organism.

Fauna Definition

fauna animals that are part of the natural landscape and not family pets or creatures. In a zoo a one reason people enjoy going on the expedition sponsored by the World. Wildlife Federation is that it gives them an opportunity to see. The fauna of many regions around the world flora and fauna of prairies.
Found in the world India is home to around 47,000 species of flora. These range from tiny funds to lofty trees around 15,000 species of flowering. plants are indigenous to India. India is also home to over 81 thousand species of fauna. These include birds insects and land and water animals over exploitation and insensitivity. Towards our environment has led to large-scale. Degradation of biodiversity in India according to official.


Records 79 species of mammals are flora and fauna of different states of India. the state of birds tiles and amphibians is no better several species of fauna. For example the cheetah, the pink headed duck, the mountain quail and the forest spotted owl. It are facing Tony extinction the state of the flora is as poor Himalayan flora and fauna. As the fauna with 1500 species of plants. Like mad hookah in Cygnus and who head-turner on on the verge of extinction. The total forest cover in India is around 78.29 million hectare or about 23.8 one percent of the country's.

flora and fauna examples

Total geographical area official the area under dense forest cover has increased. Since 1997 but this is more due to increase in plantations than natural. Forests to preserve world biodiversity the International Union for Conservation. Nature and Natural Resources or IUCN has devised flora and fauna examples. A method of placing different species of flora and fauna. Six categories as well IUCN guidelines species of flora and fauna. Can classified as normal extinct endangered vulnerable rare or enemy plans and animals.
Whose population is enough for the survival of their. Species are call normal species these include cattle rodents and trees like pine. Sam a species that cannot found after prolonged search in its area of habitation is call.

Flora and fauna meaning

Extinct species note that a species may be extinct from an area a country. The entire earth some such species are the Asiatic cheetah and the pink editor a species. Because,that is facing the danger of extinction if the site handles. Its decline are not checked is call an endangered. Species for example the black buck, Indian rhino krookodile, Indian wild-ass lion-tailed macaque. And the Sangh idea a species that is likely to become endangered. Due to decreasing population unless concert is call vulnerable himalayan flora and fauna.
Species examples are the blue sheep the Asiatic elephant. Because,The enginetech dolphin a species with a small population that is likely. Become vulnerable or endangered without conservation. Efforts is call a rare species some rare species include. The Asiatic wild buffalo Brown Himalayan bear desert fox and hongbin a species found. Only in a particular region due to isolation by natural or Geographic. Barriers is call an endemic species.
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