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Preventive measures of noise pollution and causes effects

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The noise pollution (regulation and control) rules

Noise pollution is unwant sound. Which interferes with communication preventive measures of noise pollutionRecreation or sleep at work is normally created through human activities. Like industries transportation construction work or the use of electrical and electronic devices. Gadgets unlike other forms of pollution like air water or pollution. Therefore cause by harmful material noise does not remain in the environment for long.

Effect is immediate annoyance 

They are overview as far as their impact on health is concern in this programme. Because we will discuss the effect of noise pollution on health and also the possible. Above all steps that can be take for decreasing control measures of noise pollution acceptable sound.

Levels only some

Levels of sound in the atmosphere are acceptable to the human. Ear sounds that go beyond these levels. Almost, noise according to Kellis burger at all 1973 the acceptable.

Sound levels for various places

Residential area bedroom 25 decimals living room 40 decibels commercial. Area office 30 to 45 decibels conference 40 to 45 decibels. Restaurants 40 to 60 decibels industrial area workshop 40 to 60 decibels. Laboratory 40 to 50 decibels educational area classroom 30 to 40 decibels. Library 35 to 45 decibels but according to the Environment Protection.

The standard limits of sound of various places in India

Industrial area day time 75 decibels and night time 70 decibels. Commercial area day time 65 decibels night time 55 decibels. Residential area day time 55 decibels night time 45 decibels.
Silent zone day time 50 decibels and night time 40 decibels.

Noise exposure duration and intensity

Continues exposure to sound is always harmful to the hearing system. There is a level beyond which it creates pollution. The degree of hearing loss depends on the duration and intensity of sound. The largest exposure limit for various sound levels is 80 decibel sound for 12 hours. 90 decibels for 8 hours 93 decibels for 4 hours 96 decibels. 2 hours 99 decibels for 1 hour 100 decibels for 30 minutes 105 decibels measures to reduce noise pollution. 15 minutes 108 decibels for 7 minutes 111 decibels. For 3 and a half minutes 114 decibels for 2 minutes 115 decibels. 1 minute 118 decibels for 30 seconds 124 decibels for 15 seconds 127 decibels. 4.2 seconds 130 decibels for 2 seconds 133 decibels. 1 second and 135 decibels for 0.6 seconds.

The effect of various intensities of sound on human

Hearing is less than 25 decibels no problem in hearing 25 to 40 decibels. Problem in hearing of soft speech 40 to 50 decibels. Normal speech 55 to 70 decibels. 70 to 90 decibels only shouted. Speech can understood more than 90 decibels unable to hear intensity of noise. Impacts human health in various ways. 80 decibel is considere as annoy 90 decibels hearing damage for 8 hours. 95 decibels is very annoying 100 decibels stimulation of reception in skin. 120 decibels pain threshold 130 235 decibels measures to reduce noise pollution.
Nausea vomiting dizziness interference with touch 140 decibels. Plane in the year insanity in cases of prolonged exposure. 150 decibels burning of skin changes in pulse rate 160 decibels. Other minor permanent damage 180 decibels eardrum rupture and other permanent damage. 190 decibels lung damage impact of noise pollution on human body. Noise pollution impacts human body in various ways preventive measures of noise pollution.
It creates excretory disorders influencing the quantity of urine. Excreted due to the presence of Kito steroids it leads to respiratory. Disorders making it difficult for a person to breathe integumentary. System is also, affected decreasing the power of resistance of the skin. Causing dryness of the skin and creating cracks the nervous system.

Brain fatigue sleep interference abnormal

Conscious states and decreased sensation it causes auditory. Disorders like deafness and auditory fatigue optical disorders include. Dilation of the pupil and muscular tension sound pollution causes effects and control measures.
Digestive disorders leading to gastrointestinal. So problems may also occur the cardiovascular system is affect with disturbed. Blood flow disturbed pulse rate disturbed heart rate and disturbed. BP impact of noise pollution on human behavior noise. Pollution affects human behavior as well by disturbing peace.

Creating annoyance

Creating anxiety aggression depression mental disorientation lack of concentration. Reducing work efficiency interference in enjoyment and errors in judgment. Impact of preventive measures of noise pollution on wildlife the results of noise.
Pollution on by life our migration of birds from the noise. Habitat zoo animals like deer lions and rabbits become dull and inactive. And they health deteriorates effects food habits. Similarly, effects mating behavior stress reaction due to dysfunction of endocrine. Glands like thymus and adrenal impact of noise pollution on nonliving matter measures to reduce noise pollution.
Vibration originating from high intensity noise causes. Shattering of window panes loosening of plaster of house walls. Cracks in walls cracks in household crockery depreciation of residential property. Located near airports highways industrial areas. control of noise pollution. Noise pollution can be reduce or controlled.

Various methods noise can be controll

At source by using silencing devices in noise producing equipments keeping. The noise producing equipments at a distance choosing machines or equipments. That produce less noise conducting noisy. Operations in the open or away from residential areas keeping industrial. Area away from residential area using electric or battery-operated devices. In place of petrol or diesel operated devices.

Control of noise at transmission

Level various kinds of barriers are available which absorb noise. Because these can be use to reduce sound pollution. Some of these barriers and their sound absorbing capacities are asbestos. 0.6 mm twenty six decibels brickworks 11.6 mm 40 decibels.
Fireboard 1.2 mm 18 decibels plywood 0.6 mm 21 decibels. Cement slab 7.6 mm 35 decibels let sheet 0.5 mm 15 decibels. Plastic board 1.3 mm 12 decibels compressed wood 5 mm 28 decibels. Chipboard 1.8 mm 26 decibels clinker blocks 7.5 mm 23 decibels.
Curtains 0.25 mm 22 decibels protection from sound pollution. Earplugs earmuffs persons who are bound to be expose to sounds. Pollution levels maybe can use earplugs and earmuffs as protection devices.
Plantation trees and bushes have the quality to absorb noise and reduce. So, The intensity of sound thus plantation around the house and industries. Can reduce the level of measures to reduce noise pollution.

Through education and awareness

Awareness can be create in people through education camps and programs. About the adverse effect of noise pollution use of legislation. Finally use of pollution-free devices should made mandatory legislation. Can brought in for the creation of silent zones laws can be create for completely. Banning devices and activities which measures to reduce noise pollution. Levels laws like IPC 1060 sections 268278290 which defined.

Noise of resistance level and punishment

The same should be strict implemented regional laws should be enforce. Like MP control of music and noise Act 1951 the rajasthan noise control act 1963. As a result The bihar control of the use of loudspeakers act 1955 railway Act 1948. The Motor Vehicles Act 1939 and Delhi Motor Vehicles Act 1940. The Environment Protection Act 1972 noise is a silent killer of all life forms. Only self-discipline and social awareness can save.
The people from noise pollution we also need a special. Declaration for noise pollution because, the Stockholm declaration of 1972. Which deals with preventive measures of noise pollution does not consider noise as a pollutant noise. Pollution needs to be recognize as a source of environmental. Because,Pollution and only then can effective steps be take for protecting. The environment and the health of all life-forms.
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Environmental concerns and analyzing problems

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The top five environmental concerns in 2019

Everyone we all know that our global environmental concerns has been facing quite a few. Trucks in recent times which is a big worry for all living beings now.

After analyzing his set of problems here are.

The top five major environmental concerns in 2019. So, let us take a closer look and understand them. coming at number laws and ethics concerned to the environment.

Environmental concerns

5. Climate change increased levels of greenhouse gases are the main cause of climate. Change which results in trapping sun's heat and warming Earth's surface. Increase in oceans temperatures is impacting. The aquatic system and the rise in global sea levels reducing. The land mass that is also a reason for mass flooding.

4. Pollution it is the primary reason for many other global environmental concerns. Threats like a diversity which we will discuss later the major pollution. Types includes air water soil noise radioactive light and thermal and all. Them are interrelate so if we want to tackle one can we have to tackle them all at code.

3. It is deforestation problems like wildfire and the mass amount of timber being. Harvest for commercial use are some of the primary reasons. Responsible for clearance of large forested areas list of environmental health problems. It has been say that the loss of forest is contributing to about 15% of greenhouse gas emissions.

2. It is water but a pollution is a concern for us and our environment with the increasing. Presence of toxic materials in water bodies which could be due to house bills. The enough of plastic waste and toxic chemicals entering our waterways is degrading. The most valuable resource our planet has to offer first place goes to biodiversity.

 1. The most significant threat study third phase and is the collective. outcome of all the concerns we have discussed aiya. Diversity is the every living thing an ecosystem that makes up. The environment whether they increase in global warming pollution. Ecosystem reforestation is in danger of billions of species going or going away. Extreme all over the world it is still possible to recover from this situation. which could take place through. The implementation of sustainable choices concerns about our environment.

we all should remember helping. The global environmental concerns to remain safe will help us to have a stable present and a bright future.
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Flora fauna meaning and classifications

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We call it our home in the universe flora fauna meaning. but we are not alone here. We share analysis of flora and fauna. Our home with millions of species of plants and animals. Ranging from gigantic blue whales to microscopic bacteria plants trees. Animals and microorganisms maintain the quality of our planet's.

What Are Flora And Fauna?

Air water and soil which is essential for the survival of humans forests. Also play an important part as the primary producers on which all the species of animals. the variety of living things found in a region country or the entire earth is call. Its biological diversity or biodiversity.
Here is a picture showing the biodiversity of a coral reef. We do not live in isolation from plants and animals. Around us various species that form the biodiversity of a region. Interdependent on each other all the species of plants and trees found. In region are call the flora. The region the species of animals found in a region are call the fauna. India has a rich biodiversity flora fauna meaning. home to around 1.6 million or 8% of all the species flora and fauna of India.

Flora Definition

The word flora means the plant life characterizing a specific geographic. Region or environment any living organism that synthesizes. Its food from inorganic substances possesses cellulose cell walls flora and fauna of prairies. Responds and often permanent to a stimulus lacks specialized. Sense organs and nervous system and has no powers of locomotion. Work systematical describing the flora of a particular region. Listed by species and considered as a whole a living organism.

Fauna Definition

fauna animals that are part of the natural landscape and not family pets or creatures. In a zoo a one reason people enjoy going on the expedition sponsored by the World. Wildlife Federation is that it gives them an opportunity to see. The fauna of many regions around the world flora and fauna of prairies.
Found in the world India is home to around 47,000 species of flora. These range from tiny funds to lofty trees around 15,000 species of flowering. plants are indigenous to India. India is also home to over 81 thousand species of fauna. These include birds insects and land and water animals over exploitation and insensitivity. Towards our environment has led to large-scale. Degradation of biodiversity in India according to official.


Records 79 species of mammals are flora and fauna of different states of India. the state of birds tiles and amphibians is no better several species of fauna. For example the cheetah, the pink headed duck, the mountain quail and the forest spotted owl. It are facing Tony extinction the state of the flora is as poor Himalayan flora and fauna. As the fauna with 1500 species of plants. Like mad hookah in Cygnus and who head-turner on on the verge of extinction. The total forest cover in India is around 78.29 million hectare or about 23.8 one percent of the country's.

flora and fauna examples

Total geographical area official the area under dense forest cover has increased. Since 1997 but this is more due to increase in plantations than natural. Forests to preserve world biodiversity the International Union for Conservation. Nature and Natural Resources or IUCN has devised flora and fauna examples. A method of placing different species of flora and fauna. Six categories as well IUCN guidelines species of flora and fauna. Can classified as normal extinct endangered vulnerable rare or enemy plans and animals.
Whose population is enough for the survival of their. Species are call normal species these include cattle rodents and trees like pine. Sam a species that cannot found after prolonged search in its area of habitation is call.

Flora and fauna meaning

Extinct species note that a species may be extinct from an area a country. The entire earth some such species are the Asiatic cheetah and the pink editor a species. Because,that is facing the danger of extinction if the site handles. Its decline are not checked is call an endangered. Species for example the black buck, Indian rhino krookodile, Indian wild-ass lion-tailed macaque. And the Sangh idea a species that is likely to become endangered. Due to decreasing population unless concert is call vulnerable himalayan flora and fauna.
Species examples are the blue sheep the Asiatic elephant. Because,The enginetech dolphin a species with a small population that is likely. Become vulnerable or endangered without conservation. Efforts is call a rare species some rare species include. The Asiatic wild buffalo Brown Himalayan bear desert fox and hongbin a species found. Only in a particular region due to isolation by natural or Geographic. Barriers is call an endemic species.
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Man made greenhouse gas sources of the carbon dioxide

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Effect definition Carbon dioxide

How important is carbon dioxide as a man made greenhouse gases. When you look at exactly what percentage of co2 in the atmosphere is man made. What is happening with carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is only a very small percentage about coin all threes. Percent of all the gases in the atmosphere but that's not what.
What the carbon dioxide is as a greenhouse gas of all the greenhouse gases. And when you do that then it's a little less than 2% so carbon dioxide makes up a little. But less than 2% of all, but when you actually look at the potential exactly.
Man made greenhouse gas

Largest source of gases

How much co2 influences their greenhouse gases. That is more efficient and less efficient green how carbon dioxide is efficient. But the major greenhouse gas that we have in the atmosphere today is water vapor clouds that.
We see in the atmosphere the humidity. In the air that type of thing is the driving force behind warming and cooling here on planet Earth. It accounts for of all the greenhouse gases, is the greenhouse effect man made.

Gases percentage

When you look at the potential for water vapor to actually you be a greenhouse. Gas that drops to about 88% somewhere between 66 and 88% now. When you look at carbon dioxide even though. It's less than two percent of all the greenhouse gases.
It does account for somewhere between 9 and 20% of the effectiveness of greenhouse gases. So, it is more important than its absolute amounts would say but only. About 3% of all the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is man-made. The rest of it's all natural it comes from us breathing. It comes from trees it comes from respiration it comes from decomposition.

Greenhouse effect

It's a natural cycle part of our environment, and when that is factor in less. Man made sources of greenhouse gases. Then on the man is causing or it is the effective for less than 1% of all the greenhouse gases. That is out there in fact it ranges pulling point three 2.8% that's an infant is Mille. Small amount for all this change that we're beginning see so there are a lot of scientists right now. We remembered we go about the fact that 55% of the scientific.
The community of climatologists does not believe that man could be causing. It and that's one of the reasons why they do not believe. It is because it's such a small component of man made greenhouse gases effectiveness.
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